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Our Classes


Tartan Tots (Ages 4-6)

This class is designed to introduce our youngest dancers to both Highland dance and a being in a formal classroom setting through beginner movements, positions, dances, and play. 

Even at this level, dancers will have the opportunity to perform or compete throughout the year.


Highland I (Ages 7+)

This class is for dancers who are brand new to Highland dance or Tartan Tots who turn 7 years old before learning the Fling and Sword.


Dancers will learn the basic movements of Highland dance while also learning their first dances, such as the Fling and Sword.


Highland II

This class is for dancers who have a good grasp of basic positions, movements, and can independently perform or compete in the Fling and Sword.

In this class dancers will move on to their first National dances while continuing to work on theory and technique.


Highland III

This class is for dancers who have learned their beginner dances, theory, and technique and are ready to build on dances already learned while improving technique, stamina, and theory knowledge.

Beginning at this level, dancers at this level will have additional performance or competition opportunities available to them.


Highland IV

This class is for dancers in the top levels of competition or are recreational dancers with a vast knowledge of the Highland and National dances- This class focuses on improving technique and stamina, while also exploring more of the national dances and additional steps to dances already known.


Adult Highland

We are not currently enrolling in our Adult Highland class. To share your interest or to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear about our newest class offerings and trials, please reach out to us via email or Contact form.

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